My experiencing volunteering for Connected in Hope in Thailand 


Let me start by saying that if I have the chance to re-do my internship all over again, I will still choose Connected in Hope. However, I will be glad to go to any of their areas of focus, even outside Thailand.   

I came across Connected in Hope when they went to my university during career fair to talk about their volunteer program. From the very beginning that Rebecca Smith started talking, I was amazed – by the work that she does and the impact that she makes in the communities that she and her organization work with.  

After her talk, I immediately approached Rebecca to talk about an immersion program. I was so glad that I did. I am also very happy that I was assigned to Thailand where I worked in a very remote community and helped the women and children. I worked with the women in terms of teaching them how to operationalize their entrepreneurship proposals. I was so happy when a lot of them succeeded. For those who did not succeed in their first try, I helped them tweak their business proposals so that they were usually successful in their succeeding tries.  


I also helped the children, teaching the little ones how to read and the older ones with their Maths or English. I really felt that I was needed and that I was making a difference, an overwhelming feeling for a young man like me.  

Overall, their internship program was really great. I learned a lot, became exposed to the world and it opened my adult eyes to the realities that different people have to face on a daily basis. Because of this, I now know how to fully take advantage of the opportunities I have been given in order to help others.