This page is for the feedback and testimonials of the people we work with, our donors and beneficiaries. Please feel free to share your own feedback here.  


Tong Vuc, 25 

Thank you so much Rebecca and the people of Connected in Hope for the help that you have extended to me and to my family. Because of you, I was able to finish my studies. Now, I am able to help my family enjoy better lives. My brothers and sisters are also studying because of you. You have really made a wonderful impact not just to my family but to our community too.  


Charles, 50 

I only came across the Connected in Hope website by accident. But I was so glad that I did. After I learned of them, I started contributing. And I always get regular reports on where my money went. Their transparency is commendable but the work that they do is even more amazing. I am so glad that I became a part of this NGO through the funds, albeit small, that I am contributing. I do hope that you continue the work that you do.  


Jessa, 35 

I am a doctor in Cambodia and have worked with Rebecca and Connected in Hope several times already. I admire the passion that Rebecca and the team really puts into Connected in Hope. It has meant so much for my countrymen who are the beneficiaries of their programs and activities. I committed to continue supporting their work by providing my medical services for free.  


Ryan, 18 

I am so glad to have spent my internship program with Connected in Hope. They are so great. I spent my summer in Thailand helping women and children. The experience was amazing. I really felt that I was contributing to the upliftment of their lives. Thank you so much Connected in Hope!